Kenneth P. Snell

World Champion Powerlifter

Strength and Fitness Consultant

Squat 462.7 Bench 280 Deadlift 485
Squat 462.7 lbs
Bench Press 280 lbs
Deadlift 485 lbs
123 lb Class
123 lb Class
123 lb Class


  • Graduate of Florida Atlantic University


  • Began strength training and competing in powerlifting at the age of 16 in 1975. As a teenager, I organized and directed several powerlifting contests and was elected to serve as an officer for the Temple Hills Weightlifting Club. This was a weightlifting club started by teenagers, that produced World and National Powerlifting Champions.
  • Won the 1977 and 1978 Teenage National Powerlifting Championships and set National and American Records.
  • While attending Florida Atlantic University, I worked as a weightlifting instructor and wrote two papers on weightlifting.
  • Have had several feature articles published in national strength magazines.
  • Have designed a strength program for an NFL Team.
  • Am a certified National Powerlifting Referee and direct and announce at contests
  • Have also trained and competed in Olympic Weightlifting, Bodybuilding and Armwrestling.
  • Throughout my lifting career, I have competed in over 200 contests covering 13 states, taking first place in almost every one and setting more than 100 records.
  • Currently hold World, National, American , Regional, State and meet Records
  • Am a World , National, Regional and State Powerlifting Champion
  • Have been inducted into the American Powerlifting Association Hall of Fame for deadlifting over 4-Times my body weight.
  • Have deadlifted double body weight for a state record of 27 repetitions.
  • Coordinate the training and powerlifting competitions for the State of Florida and Polk County Special Olympics.
  • Have given seminars, coaches clinics, and strength exhibitions at chiropractic clinics, middle and senior high schools, colleges, fitness expos and other institutions.
  • Have successfully created and designed workout programs for individuals and teams for over 37 years.
  • During my latter teens, I was the strongest teenager in the nation for my weight class, was the strongest Sub-Master(35-39 age division), Master(40-44 age division),Master(45-49 age division), and am currently the strongest Master(50-54 age division) in the world.
  • Have won World Championships and over 15 National Championships
  • Best Competitive Lifts in the 114 lb. Weight Class:
    • SQUAT: 400 lbs. BENCH PRESS: 250 lbs. DEADLIFT: 465 lbs.(Over 4-Times Body Weight)

  • Best Competitive Lifts in the 123 lb. Weight Class:
    • SQUAT: 462 lbs. BENCH PRESS: 280 lbs. DEADLIFT 485 lbs.(500 lbs. in the Gym)

  • Have achieved the classification of International Elite Lifter in two consecutive weight classes. This is the highest classification that can be achieved in drug-free powerlifting.
  • Have received the American Powerlifting Association’s Lightweight National Powerlifter of the Year award
  • Am an active member of the National Strength and Conditioning Association
  • Am a strong advocate of drug-free powerlifting and promote it whenever possible
  • Presently train and work as a professional trainer and strength consultant at the All American Gym in Lakeland, Florida, which has produced State Championship teams for several years
  • Taught a class on Physical Fitness to the City of Lakeland Police Department
  • Was requested by the Strength and Conditioning Coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to help instruct a youth strength and conditioning clinic . I also have assisted the football players in strength training during mini-camps held at their training facility.
  • Have been the featured speaker at the Florida Athletic Coaches Association Weightlifting Clinic. This was a two-day clinic for high school coaches from all over the State of Florida.
  • Am currently an Adjunct Professor at Polk State College where I have taught Wellness Concepts for 17 years and also instruct a Fitness Class there as well.
  • Have coached and trained National, Regional, and State Powerlifting Champions and Record Holders
  • Have trained several athletes who received college scholarships in their sport.
  • Have won several Best Lifters Awards at World, National, Regional and State Championships
  • Have been featured on CNN and in Sports Illustrated, Powerlifting USA, Monster Muscle, and Men's Journal Magazines; local television and newspapers, local magazines, billboards, websites, for my accomplishments.
  • Currently work with the I.S.C. Division of Wellness(a staff consisting of exercise physiologists and experts in the field of strength and conditioning) who certify medical and law enforcement professionals in wellness-related concepts.


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